Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Remove Cerber3 Ransomware and Decrypt .Cerber3 Files?

The Cerber3 Ransomware a new updated version of the Cerber Ransomware which has performed a 2.0 evolution in August 2016. The point different from Cerber 2 is that the new variant appends the .cerber3 extension to encrypted files. You will see your file of jpg picture turn into XXX.jpg.cerber3. The encrypted files contains messages which demands you pay ransom about 0.7154 Bitcoins (nearly $410) for restoring your files. If the money is not sent out within 96 hours the ransom will rise to 1.4308 Bitcoins.

Is it Possible to Decrypt Encoded Files without Ransom Payment?

No, unless pay ransom. However, it encourages more cyber crimes. Professionals are not able to break the 32-byte key which has a very long length.
The best way of restoring your files is that you have a backup before the files are encrypted. If not, you can use antivirus software to return some files and remove Cerber3 ransomware thoroughly.

Cerber3 Ransomware
Ransomware, Encrypted Files Malware
Family Members:
Cerber Ransomware, Cerber2 Ransomware
Infected PCs:
encryption algorithm:
 RSA-2048 key (AES CBC 256-bit)
Use CryptGenRandom which is a Microsoft API to encrypt the user's files
Targeted Files:
Files created:
“# HELP DECRYPT #.html”, “# HELP DECRYPT #.txt” and “# HELP DECRYPT #.url”
New Function:
Code optimization, new obfuscation layer and packing procedure; new “Command and Control” servers

Method: RemoveCerber3 Ransomware with SpyHunter and RegCure  

Step 1 Download and Install SpyHunter

1. Click the below link and then click on Run button to download SpyHutner.

2. Have a full scan for your computer now and remove all suspicious processes.

Step 2 Download and Install RegCure

1. Click the below link and then click on Save File button to download RegCure.

2. Have a full scan for your computer now and clean all unnecessary items.

Note: You can enjoy the free scan of SpyHunter and RegCure firstly. If you have questions when downloading, you can consult customer service staff.

Please beware the spam emails and fake software updates which promote that the Cerber3 Ransomware invades into your computer. The Cerber3 is so malicious that it can sneak its process in the background and block UAC prompts as well as normal registry items of Windows. 

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