Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Remove Browser Hijacker from Google and Firefox?

It is so annoying that a website called displays pup-ups and redirects its own websites which plagiarize similar content of those websites that the computer users have visited.

The Overview

It is adware which revises your browser settings. It gives the domain of changed homepage as www. It is not a virus but an unwanted program. Once infected, it adds some appends parameters to computer system. Every time you open Google or Firefox, you will see extensions, toolbar and ads powered by It also changes the search engine so that your search results or privacy is let out. The team which develops this adware is the hackers or sponsors themselves for pay-per-click revenue.  

For instance, when you typed “Windows DVD Player Free Download”, it is recorded by Someday you open a new website on which you will see the pup-ups or advertisement put in some text as “Free Windows DVD Player”
However when you close this pup-up, today is about “Free Windows DVD Player”. Another day is about other content which is nearly what you have searched in engine box.