Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Effectively Remove V9 Portal Site - Get Rid of en.v9.com Permanently

Screenshot of V9:

V9 Portal Site or en.v9.com is a nasty browser hijacker that have been interrupted computer users for a long time. Once invading into the target pc, v9 redirect virus may modify the browser settings without users' consents. For examples, replace the default search engine and homepage with  its own ones.
In the meantime, en.v9.com virus runs in the background to cause system vulnerabilities by chiseling up backdoor. The loopholes created by v9 browser hijacker will not only give other kinds of PC viruses to infiltrate into the compromised PC easily, but also help cyber crook to remote access to the target computer to steal some confidential info.

V9 virus have really bored so many computer users:

Monday, April 28, 2014

How Do I Remove Win32:SmartBar-A Completely from My PC

What did I do when Win32:SmartBar-A entered into my PC?

A week ago, my Avast anti-virus program kept reporting the threat of Win32:SmartBar-A every few minutes. I tried to use the Avast anti-virus program to delete this computer virus, however, Avast virus removal tool failed to clean it out of the infected computer completely. Every time, the scan seemed to successful, however, when I restarted the infected PC after the scan, Win32:SmartBar-A popped up again, I think Avast virus removal tool can just pick it up, but this computer infection is too stubborn and can not be  removed by automatically scans.

As a result, I searched in the internet and tried and manual removal guide.
Firstly, I restarted my PC into safe mode with networking. For doing that, you must hit F8 key repeatedly when the PC booting up. And then use the arrow key to highlight Safe mode with Networking option and hit enter key.

How Do I Remove Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A Completely from My PC

How annoying Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A is?

Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A has been proved to be one of the most dangerous infections to victim PC. It does harm to the system files, system settings, browser settings, registry keys and other confidential files. When Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A gets into computer, it deletes important files from the PC without users’ permission and also creates other harmful files for its own benefit.

The operate system often shows a high percentage about processors that are being used, even though uses are just running one or two programs. This is because Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A is running in the background and takes up a lot of CPU usage. At the same time, Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A also blocks user from running other executive applications and causes constant deaths on the computers.

Many computers users have been bored by Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A
Hello, Malwarebytes has detected "Trojan:Win32/Kilaservos.A."  I have removed it multiple times, but it always returns.  How can I properly clean this from my system?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Completely Get Rid of http://cr.tractionize.com- Remove cr.tractionize.com

One screenshot of cr.tractionize.com:

Complaints about cr.tractionize.com:

Hello! I've been having this issue for the past week already, every time i open a new page in chrome, http://cr.tractionize.com/ opens up automatically in the background, despite my AdBlock being on. No matter i close it, it would pop up several times in a day and it's really annoying. Is there any way to remove it or block it? 

How harmful cr.tractionize.com is ?

cr.tractionize.com  is a destructive adware application that is distributed by virus creators for sponsoring malevolent programs, viruses, ads and other useless products. It may break into the targeted PC when victim surfs any malevolent websites, read junk mails, email attachments or download things from contaminated web pages without any safety.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Effectively Remove Adware Generic_r.KF and Adware Generic_r.KE

Complaints about Adware Generic_r.KF and Adware Generic_r.KE

Case one: I have AVG 2014 (the free version), but suddenly I am being plagued with Adware (Adware Generic_r.kf & Adware Generic_r.ke). How do I stop it....? I thought I was protected from stuff like this..!!!!!!!! There are pop ups popping up left right & centre..!!!!!!!!!!

Case two: I logged on my computer today and i got a notification that Adware Generic_r.KE is detected i try to remove it and it says Access is denied. Also i keep getting the same notification tons and tons of times that Adware Generic_r.KE has been removed and blocked but really it keeps getting detected

Why antivirus software fails to deal with Adware Generic_r.KF and Adware Generic_r.KE:

Both Adware Generic_r.KF and Adware Generic_r.KE are tricky computer infections which mutates frequently to add new traits. Once invades into the target PC, Adware Generic_r.KF and Adware Generic_r.KE roots deep in the system and mutates fast. To protect itself, the viruses generates items similar or even identical to system ones which add the difficulties for antivirus software to completely remove all its harmful files.  Whiles, Adware Generic_r.KF and Adware Generic_r.KE are so stubborn that are capable to reproduce itself by even a small part of its files.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Help Yourself Get Rid of Advanced System Protector- Permanently Remove Advanced System Protector

A program named Advanced System Protector is installed on my computer without getting permission from me. An adware or malware disguises as a tool for Windows. Now that Advanced System Protector is aggressively taking control of my computer, it’s about time to take action in removing it. I have tried various methods but the virus does not want to leave my PC. Removing the software from control panel only shows an error that the file is not present. Can someone tell me how to remove this pest from my machine?

Advanced System Protector is fake antivirus software which will not only disturb people surf the internet freely, but also make damage to the operating system of the infected PC. After installation, Advanced System Protector will operate scans without uses’ permission in the target PC. After that, it displays bogus scan results, reports non-existing computer infections, and stops computer users running some useful applications in the target PC. You should never believer the pop-up warning of Advanced System Protector, instead, you should remove Advanced System Protector from your PC as soon as possible to avoid it causes more damages.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Effectively Get Rid of http://www_getwindowinfo/

When I finish my Internet Explorer, always open a new window with the adress http://www_getwindowinfo/ . What can I remove this problem?

http://www_getwindowinfo/ is a destructive adware application that is distributed by virus creators for sponsoring malevolent programs, viruses, ads and other useless products. It may break into the targeted PC when victim surfs any malevolent websites, read junk mails, email attachments or download things from contaminated web pages without any safety.

A bunch of ads created by http://www_getwindowinfo/  will pop up on the screen to attract users’ attention and block users to access to other applications on the infected PC. At the same time, this virus will install itself as a plug-in, add-on, or extension on web browser, and gradually change the browser settings.

Other computer users also suffer the interruption of http://www_getwindowinfo/ :

Remove Mystart.vi-view.com—Stop Mystart.vi-view.com Redirect

Are you one of the members that interrupted by the Mystart.vi-view.com? Having the same problems about homepage being altered, default search engine being modified without your permission and so forth? Read this passage and find out the solution to remove Mystart.vi-view.com virus from your computer completely and thoroughly.

Mystart.vi-view.com is classified as potentially unwanted program (PUP) that categorized as browser hijacker. It is used as a free browser search engine that copies Google Style search to provide web, images and videos search. In the first sight, Mystart.vi-view.com looks like a legitimate search engine, but in reality, it is fake and will not provide you with any reliable search results that related to your queries, in the contrary, it spreads spam and collects personal information of the victims.

When infiltrates into the PC, this redirect malware blocks you from browsing the formal web pages while you are trying to surf on your Internet browsers and divert the web browsers to Mystart.vi-view.com no matter you are using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. You should remove this bogus search system virus as soon as possible once you have noticed its trace. Because the Mystart.vi-view.comredirect will carry on other malicious behaviors gradually as time goes by.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free Guide to Remove Secury-surf.com Compleltely-Manual Removal Insruction

Screenshot of Secury-surf.com:

What is Secury-surf.com?

Secury-surf.com is a kind of browser hijacker which is marketed as a good substitute to web-exploring means. With its bright colors and welcoming-looking search box, Secury-surf.com looks like a friendly website, whiles; in reality, it is just a spam search engine and does nothing but delivers ads, redirects browsers and changes browser settings, ect.

Many computer users have been suffered the interruption of Secury-surf.com:
On my 1 year old computer there is this stupid virus called the Secury-surf.com. I am sick of it and nearly every time I click somewhere, it pops up with another stupid tab and/or window. It's constant redirects over, and over, and over

After the appearing of Secury-surf.com browser hijacker, the whole performance of the infected PC declines day after day. The speed of the infected PC will be dramatically slowed down, and the network connection be cut off frequently. The PC will also become unresponsive and sometimes cause the blue screen of death.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Help Yourself Get Rid of Dos/Rovnix.gg Infection-Manual Removal Guide

How annoying Dos/Rovnix.gg is?

I run Microsoft Security Essentials and it is up to date; but somehow I still got infected with the following:  Virus:Win32/Rovnix.Gen!C and Virus:Dos/Rovnix.gg.  I've run the Security Essentials scan and downloaded and run Windows Defender Offline.  I've also downloaded Defender to a USB drive and run it from there.  Nothing seems to work getting rid of this Virus.

How harmful Dos/Rovnix.gg is?

Here are the malicious tasks Dos/Rovnix.gg will perform after invading into the target PC:
1. Dos/Rovnix.gg Trojan horse may decline the PC performance gradually. It may take up a lot of computer resources in the background and use high CPU usage which may cause the poor running speed and windows freeze.

2. Dos/Rovnix.gg may cause system vulnerabilities by digging out loopholes in the background and other kinds of computer viruses may get the chance to invade into the compromised PC more easily through these backdoors.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to Get Rid of Dm.startnow.com -Effectively Remove Dm.startnow.com

Screenshot of Dm.startnow.com 

Complaints about Dm.startnow.com:

I'm not a sophisticated computer user, but I believe that my machine has been infected with the subject virus. When I open Firefox, I get a screen labeled "Start Now." If I try to change my home page on Tools-Options-General screen, "http://dm.startnow.com/" always replaces it. Any help?

What is Dm.startnow.com?

Dm.startnow.com a new released computer virus which belongs to the browses hijacker family. Here are the malicious tasks Dm.startnow.com will do once it infiltrates into the target PC :

1. Dm.startnow.com will alter the browser settings in the target computer, such as replace the homepage with its own website, alter default search engines and add icons on the bookmark or favorite bar. Once these settings have been made, it is hard for users to reset them back.

Effectively Remove Safehomepage.com-Stop Safehomepage.com Redirecting

Screenshot of Safehomepage.com:

What is Safehomepage.com?

Safehomepage.com is one of the nasty browsers hijacker viruses. With the decent interface, Safehomepage.com has tricked many computer users to install it into their PC. However, after getting into the target PC, Safehomepage.com shows its malicious traits.

As a browser hijacker, Safehomepage.com will definitely redirect computer users to other web pages against their wills; therefore it can help to increase internet traffic of certain websites. At the same time, Safehomepage.com redirect virus also changes the browser settings for its own benefit.

How to remove Trojan:JS/Urntone.D-Effectively Get Rid of Trojan:JS/Urntone.D

How annoying Trojan:JS/Urntone.D is?

Microsoft Security Essentials keeps on showing an alert about Trojan:JS/Urntone.D virus. MSE manages to put it into quarantine and pop-up alerts stops appearing for the rest of the day. However, when I open the computer the next morning, the same alert about Trojan:JS/Urntone.D pop-up again. I have MSE installed but it seems that this program alone is not enough to clean the computer. I need to remove Trojan:JS/Urntone.D and whatever virus that causing it to recur every boot up. Is there any help?

What does Trojan:JS/Urntone.D do in the infected PC?

Trojan:JS/Urntone.D is a notorious computer virus that has interrupted many computer users. Once invades into the target PC, Trojan:JS/Urntone.D will shut down some useful software, and uses random titles to name its key components. It also mutates frequently to add new traits and protects itself from being removed by antivirus software.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Get Rid of tracking.teebik Permanently-Uninstall Loa.teebik.com

Complains on tracking.teebik and Loa.teebik.com

For a week now I've been getting occasional popups in Firefox that open up in a new tab with an url that starts with tracking.teebik and redirects me to a site that starts with loa.teebik and has an ad for a game (something about many_queens_...)

I have no idea how this thing started as I was away and my computer was used by my sisters in my absence. However I've done a full computer scan and found some spyware, among other things, and AVG deleted it.

It stopped for a day after the scan and it just happened again. I tried googling it and it didn't help. I have no suspicious add-ons. I haven't tried Google Chrome to see if it has the same problem. I need help in this matter. Thanks.

Why antivirus software fails to remove tracking.teebik and Loa.teebik.com?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Permanently Get Rid of Trojan-PSW.Win32.Tepfer.tttl Virus

Many computer users have been disturbed by Trojan-PSW.Win32.Tepfer.tttl Virus:

Kaspersky icon turned red and two messages " Trojan-PSW.Win32.Tepfer.tttl detected" appeared with reference to something what looks like junk email. I pressed "Eliminate threats" and "Fix" buttons with no response. Please advise what can be done to eliminate this.
We face the problem that we get enduring error messages from the system that the Trojan- Trojan-PSW.Win32.Tepfer.tttl is active. Which steps are to do, in order to remove this Trojan?

Method one: Malicious traits of Trojan-PSW.Win32.Tepfer.tttl Virus:

The most obvious symptom of infected with Trojan-PSW.Win32.Tepfer.tttl Virus is the poor running speed. Computer users cannot operate the PC as usual as the windows get freeze frequently when they are surfing the internet. Also they need to spend a long time to run a certain application on the PC. How irritated you may be if you are watching the exciting live competition and then the PC shut down automatically.

Completely Remove BrowserSafeguard-How to Get Rid of BrowserSafeguard

Screenshot of BrowserSafeguard

What is BrowserSafeguard:

BrowserSafeguard is a malware which may drag down the PC performance, automatically change some system and browses setting and stop people operating the infected PC normally. Many computer users have suffered the interruption of BrowserSafeguard.

I can see BrowserSafeguard.exe in my task manager, so it is definitely running and slowing down my internet connection. I tried to find it in my program list, to uninstall it, but it isn't there. Any help is appreciated. 

How to Remove Win32:Agent-APRIK [Trj] Virus from Win8

Win32:Agent-APRIK [Trj] is a nasty compute virus that have been bored computer users a lot. After the appearing of Win32:Agent-APRIK [Trj] infection, computer users may suffer a lot of computer issues like the poor running speed, windows freeze and website redirecting.

People tried to remove Win32:Agent-APRIK [Trj] via the scan of antivirus software, while. Most of them ended with failure as Win32:Agent-APRIK [Trj] is a stubborn and tricky virus that uses random tiles to name its key components and mutates frequently to add new characteristics. Moreover, Win32:Agent-APRIK [Trj] are capable to reproduce itself via even a small piece of its files. Thus only the removal of all the malicious files, processes and registries can ensure the completely removal of Win32:Agent-APRIK [Trj] virus.

Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Remove Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A From Win7

How annoying Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A is?

Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A is a nasty computer virus that will perform quite a lot of malicious tasks to interrupt people to operate the infected PC normally.

I am struggling the last couple of days.I have installed Microsoft Security Essentials, which detected the trojan: win64/Necurs.a on my system. while I had some ad pop ups on my browser!

After invading into the target PC, Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A will drag down the PC performance, bring into other kinds of PC viruses like browser hijacker, adware, spyware, etc. and chisel up backdoors to cause system vulnerabilities. To protect itself, Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A will switch security programs off to make them malfunction and runs freely in the infected PC.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Effectively Get Rid of Hot Deals-Remove Hot Deals Permanently

Delete pop-up ads like Hot Deals off my computer. How do I do this? It blocks my e-mail messages and is so frustrating I'm ready to switch Internet carriers. These ads are an invasion of my privacy. I would like to know how to delete them NOW

I updated to the latest version of Firefox, and ever since I did, I keep getting a tab on my pages, called, "Hot Deals". How do I get rid of this, and how do I stop new windows from opening, when I click on a link, or email, it opens a new window, instead of a new tab! Please help!!

Hot Deals is a nasty adware that will keep popping up ads to disturb computer users to search the internet freely. As Hot Deals adware will attach itself with the browsers, some browsers settings may be changed by it automatically. Thus the reset of the browsers settings in needed to  help you released from the interruption of Hot Deals.

Other computer users also suffer the interruption of Hot Deals:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Remove gos.drivedo.net-Get Rid of Pop-up Ads

What is gos.drivedo.net?
gos.drivedo.net is one of the pesky adware which aims to increase internet traffic and promote some potential unwanted programs and service. After the appearing of gos.drivedo.net adware, computer users may definitely suffer a lot of computer issues such as the poor running speed, windows freeze, cursor not acknowledge, etc.

Here is the complaint about gos.drivedo.net adware:
grrr I think I have a nasty one now .... when I open ie 11 then after 3 second the page go down for 3cm . above comes a add, and when I right click and go to properties the it shows this. Code: http://gos.drivedo.net/sd/apps/adinfo-1.0/index.html?Q9JnJpPQ== can someone help please ?

in the ads of gos.drivedo.net, it claims that In order to enrich and optimize your user experience when using , you can freely customize the way ads are presented. And they are able to provide this service free of charge thanks to out unique online advertisement methods.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Remove SavingsBull From Win7-Manual Remove Guide

SavingsBull keeps reinstalling. I remove it from my EXTENSIONS, folder from C-DRIVE and PROGRAMS but it keeps coming back and reinstalling when I turn my computer on. Can you help please.Using CCleaner, Spybot 2 and Windows Defender. Thanks. Any help appreciated

I can not get rid of Savingsbull IE optimizer. It’s in my add ons. And the Remove option is greyed out. Please help. I think its a virus.

SavingsBull is identifies as adware by computer experts as it will keep popping up annoying ads once infiltrate into the target PC. After the appearing of SavingsBull adware, computer users may also suffer lots of PC issues like poor running speed, windows freeze and internet disconnection.  To completely release from SavingsBull interruption, manual removal method is needed as SavingsBull is a stubborn adware that can escape from the detection of antivirus software.

How did SavingsBull get into the target PC?

Hi, I downloaded firefox and mozilla t-bird on my windows 7 machine. I was rapidly infected by the savingsbull virus that somehow backfed through my router and infected all my non-networked computers sharing the router. 

Besides bundles with freeware to get into the target PC, SavingsBull also takes advantage of the system vulnerabilities to invade into the compromised computer. Thus you should keep your antivirus software up to date and scan your PC regularly to avoid being attacked by such kind of adware.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Remove TubeAudBlockker from Win8

TubeAudBlockker is an adware which will not only disturb computer users to surf the internet freely, but also make damages to the system of the infected PC. Many computer users have suffered the interruption of TubeAudBlockker adware.

Suddenly i began to get those small grenn boxes with a little arrow at the top on some speciel words... every time i pointed on one a little ad popped up. then i went to Browser Cleaning and cleaned it and it says it was a succes... but it dosent look like it. It just keeps coming back, and its also an extension in my Chrome but cant remove with ANYTHING at all :( ive tryed everything but nothing works.

I’ve read that TubeAudBlockker is gonna do some baaad stuff to my pc but whatever i do with avast or anything else it just wont get removed. Please help me here, i really need the help. Also others call it stuff like TubeAdBlockeR and stuff like that. Also says The Configuration of Google Chrome browser is damaged now.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How to Get Rid of Key-Find.com-Uninstall www.Key-Find.com from Win8

Name: Key-Find.com
URL: www.Key-Find.com
Type: browser hijacker
Risk Level: Harmful
Operating Environment: Windows platform
Targeted Browsers:Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
Number of Corruption: More than 50 files at a time
Geographical distribution: Globally Distributed
Screenshot :

Complains on key-find.com:
Anyone have any ideas on how to remove key-find.com search engine?I am sure it was installed with a freeware program but not sure. I alway use custom install as to prevent unwanted installation of programs, but I missed this one somehow.
It was on IE 11 and Firefox 28. I was able to get rid of it on Firefox (FF) by uninstalling and reinstalling FF.I can not get rid of it on IE and have tried multiplying internet found suggestion and three malware/spyware removal program and registery cleaners but it is still there.
I have removed IE 11, IE 10, IE 9 in hopes that would help but it is still on IE 8, the present IE on my system.

Obvious symptoms of www.Key-Find.com :
First, previous homepages and default search engines are replaced with by www.Key-Find.com . And users cannot reset them back.
Second, strange icons are added on the bookmark or favorite bar automatically.
Third, shortcuts that relate to commercial website or pornographic contents appear on the desktop without users’ permission.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Useful Tips on Removing Trojan Horse TDSS.BE from Win XP

Complaints about Trojan Horse TDSS.BE:
I am using windows XP and AVG 2014 free version. I noticed problems yesterday when the AVG program seemed to be turned off and would not update or scan my computer.  After a number of attempts at uninstalling and re-installing, I have AVG working and it removed a couple of things and some cookies.  Microsoft added a bunch of updates.  After a few hrs of updates and re-booting I scanned with AVG again and it found Trojan horse TDSS.BE it appear to be in Windows\system32\s …Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

How to remove Trojan Horse TDSS.BE Completely?
Trojan Horse TDSS.BE is a stubborn computer virus that hides deeply with its high camouflage techniques. After getting into the system, Trojan Horse TDSS.BE will corrupt executable programs in the infected PC by deleting their important files. Also, Trojan Horse TDSS.BE virus keeps mutating and adding new characteristics in fast speed on system. Moreover,  it infects some system files in the background to make them become its associate and uses random titles to name its key components. All in all, to complete get rid of Trojan Horse TDSS.BE, you need to remove all its harmful components. Choose one of the methods as below to get rid of this nasty virus now.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to remove Trojan Horse Generic19.BIFGU from Win7

Name : Trojan Horse Generic19.BIFGU
Risk Level: extremely Harmful
Operating Environment: Windows platform
Number of Corruption: More than 50 files at a time
Geographical distribution: Globally Distributed

The most obvious symptom of being infected with Trojan Horse Generic19.BIFGU is the poor running speed. Computer users cannot operate the PC as usual as the windows get freeze frequently when they are surfing the internet. Also they need to spend a long time to run a certain application on the PC. How irritated you may be if you are watching the exciting live competition and then the PC shut down automatically.

Besides the slow running speed, Trojan Horse Generic19.BIFGU virus also causes other kinds of computer issues such as the windows freeze, internet disconnection, and blue of death. What’s worse, Trojan Horse Generic19.BIFGU will bring into many potential unwanted programs and other kinds of computer viruses for its own benefits.