Friday, February 28, 2014

Completely Get Rid of Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]

Complaints about Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]:
Avast automatically blocks it(Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]). In the virus chest under name is is called IEOptimizer64.dll with the location C:Program Files (x86)\SavingsBull.

After running a full scan another item was added to the chest. Name is 6273be.msi. The original location is C:/Windows/Installer

I noticed another area in which it is in, but not picked up by avast C:\Program Files\SavingsbullFilter. **have tried deleting it, but won't allow me to**

I keep getting popups of it being blocked by avast and having more copies added to the chest.
Another thing is when it is blocked firefox will close out.

How harmful Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] is?
Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] is a nasty computer virus which is detected by antivirus software and classified as Trojan horse.  Here are the vicious tasks of Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] virus:

Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] will drag down the performance of the infected PC day after day. Usually, Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] will run in the background to fill up lots of hard disk space with many unwanted items and take up high CPU usage.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Completely Get Rid of Win32.2urface.bho

Complaints about Win32.2urface.bho:
Case one: Yesterday while scanning my computer, spybot informed me of a win32.2urface.bho infection. I am normally very careful when browsing the internet, but I do know my younger brother and his friends used my computer I am assuming that is where this came from. I took screencaps of the problems I have had and will include them with this post. If anyone can offer any help I would be very grateful!

Case two:  i am having issues with a lap top that was infected by
win32.2urface.bho and win32.downloader.gen. the laptop belongs a friend of mine and she was having issues connecting to the internet. i said i would help her out thinking it was going to be something simple but unfortunately it was not. i downloaded spybot and malware bytes and ran them both. But the virus Is still there. Any help will be appreciated. 

Permanently Get Rid of Http:// From Mac

Screenshot of

Http:// is a new released virus which belongs to the ransom ware family. After the installation, will display an aggressively-designed alert which claims that the browser is blocked because users have been illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, viewing and distributing pornographic content, and spreading malware and SPAM to other computers, or doing other illegal activities.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remove JS:ScriptXE-inf [Trj]Virus Completely

How annoying JS:ScriptXE-inf [Trj] virus is?
Case one: Avast Home Edition, on Vista Ultimate, 2 computers and three laptops, none, of which are networked in anyway. Every 2 minutes this notice pops up saying there is a virus- JS:ScriptXE-inf [Trj]. I've tried sendind it the the vault, and deleting, doesn't matter, 2 minutes later it pops up again. Says it is located in my temporary internet folder, which I delete, then 2 minutes later, pops up again, even without browsing the internet. ( have kept it on MSN Homepage). I used to really like this program ( Avast), however, this isn't good, if we can't fix it, it's on to another program. Any help ? Thanks.

Case two:What is the threat JS;ScriptXE-inf [Trj]? What did it do to my computer and how much damage do you think it has done? How can I fully remove this and make sure I never get it again?

Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Remove Tidynetwork Virus

Screenshot of Tidynetwork:

Ad from Tidynetwork:
Tidy Network allows users to see interesting and entertaining advertisements related to keywords throughout websites text. This virtual layer is simply laid over the top of the keywords on a web page and can be modified at any time.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Help Yourself Get Rid of

Type: adware
Risk Level: Harmful
Operating Environment: Windows platform
Targeted Browsers:Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
Number of Corruption: More than 50 files at a time
Geographical distribution: Globally Distributed

The ad of
Rocket Downloader is free software that allows you to download videos directly from YouTube to your computer! Now you can watch videos on your preferred player instead of having to deal with slow browsers and endless buffering.

Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Remove TubeSaver

TubeSaver is a notorious computer virus which may perform a lot of malicious tasks to destroy the infected PC, and interrupt computer users to enjoy a wonderful online experience.

TubeSaver is identified as adware by computer experts as it will pop up a lot of unstopped ads once invades into the target PC. Usually, TubeSaver adware will use the system vulnerability to invade into the compromised PC sneakily, therefore, it is recommended that you keep your antivirus software up to date to prevent from being entangled with the virus like TubeSaver adware.

Sometimes, TubeSaver adware will bundle its files with the freeware that come from unreliable resources and infiltrate into the target pc during these free applications setup process. As a result, you’d better download freeware from formal websites.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Remove YTNoAds Permanently

Get pop-up ads from YTNoAds all the time when you open the browsers? Computer is running more and more slowly? Tried to remove YTNoAds via antivirus software but ended with failure? No worry, in this passage, you can get more information about YTNoAds and also the most effective method to remove it.

YTNoAds belongs to the adware family which will produce a bunch of unstopped ads to disturb computer users once invade into the target PC. The ads from YTNoAds pop up all the time and are filled with the screen which may not only interrupt users to surf the internet freely, but also block people to access other applications in the infected PC.

You’d better not click those ads as some of the ads related to malicious websites, once you have clicked them, you will be navigated to the web pages that contains other kinds of computer infections such as browser hijacker, worm, spyware, etc. 

Completely Get Rid of McClean Virus

Screenshot of McClean:

What is McClean?
Just as Windows Accelerator Pro,  McClean is another rogue antivirus software. The presence of McClean will definitely trigger a lot of computer issues.

As rogue antivirus software, once invades into the target PC, McClean will perform many so-called virus scans automatically to interrupt computer users to operate the infected PC normally.  After the scans, it displays a long list of computer threats and viruses to scare inexperienced compute r users.  And then prompts people to purchase its product to eliminate all the threats and infections.
Here are the complaints about McClean virus:

Case one: McClean installs to my computer against my will. It can’t be uninstalled or removed by security utilities. What should I do?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Completely Remove Virus

Name :
Type: browser hijacker
Risk Level: Harmful
Operating Environment: Windows platform
Targeted Browsers:Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
Number of Corruption: More than 50 files at a time
Geographical distribution: Globally Distributed  is a dangerous browser hijacker, which would make a great chaos to the target PC. When  redirect invades into the computer, it will alter your web browser’s home page and default search provider to  without your permission. Once the modification have been made, it is not easy to reset them back as  always comes with a Helper Object which may protect all the settings of . As a result, only after  has been completely removed from the infected computer, you can restore order of the browsers.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Help Yourself Get Rid of Windows AntiBreach Suite

Screenshot of Windows AntiBreach Suite 

True color of Windows AntiBreach Suite :

Windows AntiBreach Suite is a notorious computer virus which belongs to the rogue antivirus software. Once invades into the target PC, Windows AntiBreach Suite  will carry out a lot of scans automatically. After that it displays a long list of computer threats and virus to scare computer users. In reality, these threats are bogus with the only purpose to cheat computer users for money.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Remove Browser hijacker

Screenshot of

What is is classified as a browser hijacker which may bring disaster to victim’s online activities. The main purpose of this hijacker is to promote and improve its own browsing traffics and rankings.

After getting infected with, computer users may be angry as they have lose the completely control of their own computer and cannot stop this browser hijacker modifying the browser settings.

Help Yourself Get Rid of Fast Clean Pro

Screenshot of Fast Clean Pro:

Complaints about Fast Clean Pro:

One night, fastcleanpro popted on my computer its suppose to be a product of Northon!I have Northorn threw comcast i ran my security scan hasent been out long dont know where it came from it creeps around like a bug and that’s the way it works. lololo I have done everything i can to get rid and it wont let me delete it. Dose anu bodu know or have heard this before???

What does Fast Clean Pro do in my PC?

Fast Clean Pro is fake antivirus software which will perform lots of automatic scans once gets installed into the target PC. Usually, after the scanning, Fast Clean Pro will display a list of computer threats and viruses to scare computer users and then tricky people to purchase its full version software to eliminate all the threats.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get Rid of Registry Dr. Virus Quickly

Basic information about Registry Dr. 

Registry Dr.  is a computer virus that installs into your PC without your knowledge and performs Registry scans all the time.

You should never believe it. Registry Dr. belongs to the fake antivirus family which may add many malicious entries to your Registry once successfully installed into the target computer. It also puts its files into the startup menu, thus it launch automatically when computer users turn on the infected PC. Then Registry Dr. Virus carries out a lot of so-called system scans without users’ full consent and displays a list of security alerts, claiming that there are tons of errors, threats and viruses on your computer. And then prompts computer users to purchase its full version to erase all the threats.

At the same time, the PC performance declines gradually. You should never think that the poor performance is caused by the viruses displayed by Registry Dr. In fact, the poor performance is caused to the Registry Dr. Virus as it runs in the background to eat up a lot of computer resources and take up a high CPU usage.

Stop Redirecting and Popping-up

Screenshot of

How harmful is? is a notorious computer virus which is identified as browser hijacker by computer experts. Here are the malicious things virus will do after infiltrating into the target PC: browser hijacker will attack the browsers in the infected PC, especially Google Chrome, IE and Firefox. After that, it changes the homepage and default search engines unauthorized and alters other browser settings like adding strange icons on the bookmark or favorite bar automatically.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Completely Get Rid of Win32/OutBrowse.C Trojan Horse

Win32/OutBrowse.C Trojan horse is a big threat to the infected PC. It will not only disturbs computer users surf the internet freely, but also make great damages to the operating system of the infected PC.

After being attacked by Win32/OutBrowse.C Trojan horse, the most obvious changing is the PC performance. The infected computer will run more and more slowly. People may need to spend a long time starting the infected PC. and it takes a long time for users to perform some basic operations, let alone running some heavy applications in the infected PC.

At the same time, other PC issues come out to interrupt computer users. For instances, windows will be freeze when users are watching videos online, system shuts up suddenly before people are capable to save any editing data.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Remove JS:Redirector-BOS Trojan Horse Completely

JS:Redirector-BOS is a nasty Trojan horse. When it invades into the target PC, JS:Redirector-BOS  performs lots of illegal activities like disable firewall settings, blocks security websites and downloads lots of executable and system files.

For its own benefit, JS:Redirector-BOS will drop other sorts of malicious software onto the infected PC, such as spyware, malware and adware without the full consent of PC administrator. Malware like fake antivirus applications will scam money from users by cheating them to sign up and pay for their fake registered versions.

At the same time, JS:Redirector-BOS Trojan horse may create many malicious files which will cause the program malfunction, and affect and modify compromised computers' important system files, for instance Windows registry entries. The changing of these system settings may offer a chance for other computer viruses and even the cyber crooks to invade into the infected PC more easily.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Stop Redirect is a malicious compute virus that belongs to the browser hijacker family. Here are the harmful tasks will do after getting into the target PC:

1. browsers hijacker will alter the browser settings and won’t allow computer users to reset them back. The homepage and default search engines may be change to other one and some commercial icons are added to the bookmark.

2. redirect virus will gather search terms sneakily and collect browser history and record some confidential information in the infected PC and then send them to the cyber crooks to undertake some illegal tasks.

3. infection will add its component to the startup menu to make it run immediately when computer users boot the infected PC. Also, virus may download some potential unwanted programs for its own benefit.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Remove Optimizer Elite Max Completely

Screenshot of Optimizer Elite Max:

Optimizer Elite Max is a fake antivirus software which has the only purpose to tricky computer users open their pocket.

After installation, Optimizer Elite Max will automatically perform a scan in the infected PC and then displays a lot of viruses and threats to scare inexperienced computer users. Here is the text on the warning page of Optimizer Elite Max:

329 items and settings are slowing down your computer, to immediately clean and optimize your pc you need to Optimizer Elite Max.

How to Remove

Basic information:

Type: browsers hijacker
Risk level: harmful
Operating environment: win7, win 8, window vista, etc.
Target browsers: Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.
Number of corruption: more than 50 files are a time
Geographic distribution: globally distributed
Screenshot of

Harmful traits:
1. will change the homepage and default search engines in the infected  PC automatically without users’ permission. Once the settings have been made, you cannot reset them back unless you have completely get rid of completely from your PC.

How to Remove Windows Efficiency Master Effectively

Screenshot of Windows Efficiency Master:

Feature colors of Windows Efficiency Master:

You should never be taken in by Windows Efficiency Master. In fact, Windows Efficiency Master is a useless program which has nothing to do with the computer protection. To trick innocent computer users, Windows Efficiency Master will pretend to be formal antivirus software with a decent and beautiful appearance. Usually, it will get into the target PC in conjunction with freeware that you downloaded either from any dangerous source or from any strange website or torrent.

After installation, Windows Efficiency Master will operate scans without uses’ permission in the target PC which imitates looking for viruses and threats like other formal antivirus software.
After that, it displays bogus scan results, reports non-existing computer infections, and stops computer users running some useful applications in the target PC, and then tricks people into making a purchase to eliminate all the threats.

Stop Pop up

What is is classified as adware which may pop up annoying bogus information, such as fake flash video downloader install request, fake virus infection warning message, fake lottery-winning message or any other kind of advertisements to interrupt computer users when they surf online.

Once computer users have clicked those ads, they will be led to other harmful web pages or tricked into installing some corrupt plug-ins or add-ons.  You should never believe it; instead, you should remove adware as soon as possible from your PC.

In the meantime, the performance of the infected PC is also being affected by this nasty computer virus. It may drag down the PC running speed, cause windows freeze when users are watching videos online and may also make some other applications out of functions.

Many people wander how did this notorious computer virus invade into their PC? is so tricky and can use the system vulnerability to infiltrate into the target PC, and it also take advantage of email attachments or freeware from unreliable source to sneakily get into the PC when people open or install them.