Thursday, November 14, 2013

Effectively Fix Windows update error code 80244018

Cases about code 80244018 :

Case one: Getting 80244018 Windows Update encountred an unknown error when trying to install downloaded patches to Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bt OS. Please let me know if anyone has encountered this error and what solution there is.

Case two: I am facing this issue with windows update in 7.
The update error code is 80244018.
I tried Microsoft Fixit, windows update Troubleshooting pack cabinet.
Attached are the log file which the fix it gives. Any solution appreciated.

Case three: I received this error code while trying to download a windows update (kb955430).  I was able to download and install successfully all my downloads except this one.

Case four:I am trying to installing Windows Update, the Windows Update error 80244018 appear like the following format:

This error code is generated when a computer has issues connecting to the Windows Update server.  Read this passage carefully and get the method to fix it.

Effective way to get rid of Windows update error code 80244018:

1.Disable the third party programs.
Sometimes, the third party programs such as firewall, antivirus, Internet and so on, which can prevent the connection between Windows and Windows Update Server. Try disable these third party programs when install updates and re-enable them after finish installing.

2.Verify the Windows Update Server is set correctly.
a. Press WIN+R keys on the keyboard to open the run command.
b. In the RUN type "services.msc" and click on OK.
c. Click the "service" from the pop-up programs list.
d.Click the "Start" button, type "services.msc" in the search box.
e.On the right list of Services windows, find and right-click "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" and set the status as "Started".
f.Next, find and right-click "Windows Update" and set the status as "Started".
g.Close the Services windows and reinstall the Windows Update.

3.Also perform the following steps.

>>Use the proxycfg -d command to get my Windows Update working

>>Cleare the IE cache and history as well as set all the IE zones to default

>>Turn off the firewalls

Note: if you have any difficulty in performing the above steps, you could download the system guard RegCure Pro to fix Fix this error.

1. click here or the icon below to download RegCure Pro

2. follow the instructions to install RegCure Pro

3. run RegCure Pro to and choose System Scan to figure out and then fix the windows error


Dylan Wen said...

Whenever I am trying to update windows then I receive a windows update error 80244018. What to do with this error I was not having any idea. To solve this error I started searching on internet and finally got this page. When I work on the given instructions of it then I have fixed my PC, even though it took me a long time, everything has fixed finally. Thanks to this sight which makes me to solve my PC problems.

Nolan Wilson said...

I have been annoyed by 80244018 errors for a long time, thank you for this post. Everything is back to normal!

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