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How to Remove Robosaver 6.1 - Stop Robosaver 6.1 Pop-ups

How much do you know about Robosaver 6.1

Robosaver 6.1 is a free application claiming that computer users can select offers from its advertising engine. It seems that Robosaver 6.1 will help people enjoy a better browsing experience. Whiles,researches found that annoyances caused by Robosaver 6.1 are far more than its help.

As soon as getting into the PC, Robosaver 6.1 will install its extension and add-on on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome without asking any permission and then pop up massive ads to attract users' attention. People are always being redirected to some suspicious shopping website after clicking offers by Robosaver 6.1.

Moreover, ads by Robosaver 6.1 are out of control, they pops up regardless computer users are visiting online stores, or just enjoy a movie. Facts have proved that Robosaver 6.1 may continue to cause more PC issues if you not get rid of it timely.

Robosaver 6.1 Is harmful for  Your System

Robosaver 6.1 infiltrates your system without your permission;
Robosaver 6.1 injects its own unwanted files to your computer system;
Robosaver 6.1 changes your browser default settings, your DNS setting and so on;
Robosaver 6.1 disables your programs;
Robosaver 6.1 causes other problems such as blue screen, browser hijackers and computer shut down;
Robosaver 6.1 helps hackers control your computer and steals your personal data.

Two methods to get rid of Robosaver 6.1 - Manual removal guide and Automatic scan

Method one: manually get rid of Robosaver 6.1
Step 1: Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab, and search for Robosaver 6.1 process, then click End Process .

Step 2: Show all hidden files and clean all the malicious files about Robosaver 6.1
Click the Start button choose Control Panel, find out Appearance and Personalization, and then click Folder Options and choose the View tab. Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.

Clean all the harmful files about Robosaver 6.1as below:

Step 3: Press Window+R keys together. In the dialogue box that pop-up, type into Regedit and press OK. Find out the malicious registry entries of Robosaver 6.1in Registry Editor and delete all of them.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main "Start Page" = "
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main "Default_Page_URL" = "http://www.<random>.com/?type=hp&ts=<timestamp>&from=tugs&uid=<hard drive id>"

Video on how to remove PC bugs like Robosaver 6.1:

Method two: Automatically remove Robosaver 6.1 with Spyhunter antivirus software:

SpyHunter is a reputable and professional removal tool which is designed specifically to automatically detect and delete various kinds of threats completely within minutes. You can follow the simple steps given below to install it on your PC and then use it to remove all the threats in your PC and also protect your system in the following days.

Step 1: click the icon below to download automatic removal tool SpyHunter


Step 2: follow the instructions to install SpyHunter



Step 3: run SpyHunter to automatically detect and remove Robosaver 6.1


Additional tip: remove all the residual registries of Robosaver 6.1

As Robosaver 6.1 is nasty that may corrupt some system files for its own benefit, it is recommended that you download and install RegCure Pro to optimize your computer after removing all the harmful files.
Click Here to Download:

(1).Click the icon to download RegCure Pro

(2). Double-click on the icon the RegCure Pro program to open it (If Windows prompts you as to whether or not you wish to run RegCure Pro, please allow it to run.)

 (3). Click Next and complete the installation

(4). RegCure Pro will begin to automatically scan your computer for errors RegCure Pro Thoroughly scans and cleans up your Windows registry automatically. RegCure Pro allows you to automate the whole process of regular optimization of your PC for best performance using an in-built “Fix All" scheduler.

Summary: Due to the changeable characters of Robosaver 6.1, you cannot be too careful to distinguish the harmful files and registries from the system files and registries. If you have spend too much time in manual removing Robosaver 6.1and still not make any progress, you can download and install Spyhunter antivirus software here to remove Robosaver 6.1automatically for you.

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