Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to Uninstall - Step by Step Guide to Remove Taplika Search

What does do in your PC ?

The first thing will do once getting installed into the target PC is to replace the homepage and default search engines to its own ones without computer users' permission. is identified as a nasty browser hijacker which may mess up your system if you keep it in your PC.

Modification of browser settings, altering start up entries, adding strange icons and shortcuts, automatically downloading potential unwanted programs, etc are the tasks of browser hijacker.

Moreover,in a long term, browser hijacker may also display advertisements and sponsors links in users' search results and redirect computer users to other unknown web pages against their will.

You will also put your personal data at risk if you do not remove timely as can track your browsing activity, gather search terms and even get access to your log in information and passwords. The information about your online activity will be sent to the remote Command & Control Server straight away and can be used for marketing purposes or other harmful tasks.

Troubles by

  1. Computer would stuck at multiple tasks and run much slowly than before;
  2. Page loading speed is much slower and the Internet connectivity is somehow unstable;
  3. Ads may start to popup when you are browsing and they will increase in frequency;
  4. Useless add-ons, extensions and toolbar application will come in your sight;
  5. Wanted results may back to you if you hit back again;
  6. Certain sites may be blocked and your homepage will not be changed back no matter what you have tried.

Two methods to get rid of Manual removal guide and Automatic scan

Method one: manually get rid of
Step 1: Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab, and search for process, then click End Process .

Step 2: Show all hidden files and clean all the malicious files about
Click the Start button choose Control Panel, find out Appearance and Personalization, and then click Folder Options and choose the View tab. Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.

Clean all the harmful files about Taplika.comas below:

Step 3: Press Window+R keys together. In the dialogue box that pop-up, type into Regedit and press OK. Find out the malicious registry entries of Taplika.comin Registry Editor and delete all of them.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main "Start Page" = "
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main "Default_Page_URL" = "http://www.<random>.com/?type=hp&ts=<timestamp>&from=tugs&uid=<hard drive id>"

Video on how to remove

Method two: Automatically remove with Spyhunter antivirus software:


Step 1: click the icon below to download automatic removal tool SpyHunter


Step 2: follow the instructions to install SpyHunter



Step 3: run SpyHunter to automatically detect and remove


Summary: Due to the changeable characters of, you cannot be too careful to distinguish the harmful files and registries from the system files and registries. If you have spend too much time in manual removing Taplika.comand still not make any progress, you can download and install Spyhunter antivirus software here to remove Taplika.comautomatically for you.

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kristen cahen said...

Thank You so much I ended up installing spyhunter. You save me a lot of time and money. I can't thank you enough.

Greatshades said...

But Spyhunter is having to remove Taplika every single day. It won't stay gone.

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